Annabel Gray

Yacht Charter | London

'I love being close to the water'


My Story

I grew up on the South Coast of England just a few minutes from the beach so have always enjoyed being close to the water. I chose to stay by the sea to study my degree before my career in luxury hotels took me to London, where I had the opportunity to manage some of the most exciting and high-profile events in the city.

My love for the outdoors led me to move to Vancouver in 2020. A city in reach of mountains, lakes and the sea where you can ski, hike and be out on the water. I am now back in London and proud to be part of an experienced and knowledgeable charter team. Being part of creating amazing experiences for guests on some of the world’s best yachts is pretty incredible.

My Favourite Place

50°40'23"N 128°16'42"W