5 Reasons To Charter In French Polynesia This Winter

Sweeping white sand beaches.  Whispering palm trees.  Azure lagoons.  Picture paradise and you’ll probably picture French Polynesia. But as Y.CO Charter Broker Nick Heming discovered when he visited Tahiti on board Suri and Calypso, this remote archipelago offers so much more than postcard-perfect views.

Ultimate Seclusion

With over 118 islands and atolls stretching over an expanse of more than 2,000 kilometres, remote anchorages are easy to find in French Polynesia. Nick’s travels took him to the Society Islands, one of the primary cruising areas in the region.
“Whilst some islands are more populated than others, you always have the feeling of comfortable seclusion. Being on a yacht of course adds to that feeling - you can anchor in a bay and not have any one around you for miles” says Nick. “One of the memorable moments aboard both Suri and Calypso was when our crew prepared an impromptu beach barbeque; one was for lunch with all the toys on hand and the other was at night with local fire dancers and a spectacular sunset. It made us feel like we were the only people on the planet!”

An Abundance Of Sea Life

The region offers some of the best diving in the world, with a wealth of exotic marine life. Indeed, full scuba equipment is carried on board Suri and Calypso, and Suri’s capable crew, which includes two divemasters, can even arrange for a helicopter to drop guests into the best diving spots. Guests also have the option to be accompanied by expedition and marine expert Rodolphe Holler.

“We were so lucky to have Rodolphe with us on our snorkeling expedition. Not only was he so knowledgeable about the wildlife, taking us to snorkel with a sleeping humpback, and then a day later to dive with two tiger sharks, but he also captured every moment using state of the art underwater cameras."

However, you don’t need to be an expert diver to enjoy everything that Tahiti has to offer, and it was the sea life in the shallow turquoise lagoons that caught Nick’s attention the most.
“The crew of Suri navigated carefully into a reef one morning.  As we waded into the water we were surrounded by rays and reef sharks.  Likewise for the non-divers there is an abundance of beautiful shallow reefs to snorkel in total safety.”

A Watersport Lover’s PARADISE

The crystalline lagoon waters of the South pacific are especially inviting for thrill seekers, and both Suri and Calypso are fully equipped with an array of water toys and experienced crew members to make sure that adventurous guests are well catered for.
“One of the unique features on Suri was her inflatable swim platform that floats off the stern” adds Nick. “On occasion the crew detached it from the yacht and towed to the beach with waverunners, giving us a base that we could wade out to which was very cool.  Suri is famous for watersports equipment and has probably the largest inventory of any charter yacht I know! The crew also took us on a jetski safari around the island of Huahine which was a real highlight”

Spending a day in the water can prove tiring, and weary guests need not suffer, for Suri is equipped with an expansive onboard Spa – complete with trained Masseuse – to ease the aches away.

A Wealth Of Activities

Owing to the remoteness of the Polynesian islands, much of the indigenous culture remains intact, and guests wishing to discover the region beyond the shoreline will not be disappointed. 
“The crew of SURI were incredibly knowledgeable about the area, and even arranged for a group of Tahitian fire-knife dancers to perform for us one night which was spectacular.   We also had a chance to explore the local area quite extensively, and the crew on board calypso were able to arrange a visit to a pearl farm, a vanilla farm, and even a hike up one of the Volcanic mountains during our charter”

World-class Cuisine

Despite Tahiti’s remote location thousands of miles from the nearest major city, charter guests will not be disappointed by the variety of international cuisine on offer, thanks to its status as a territory of France.  
“One of the many things that impressed me about Chartering here was the Chef’s ability to cook any kind of cuisine that we wanted” says Nick.  “Of course, fresh local produce was available, but we didn’t have to give up any of our international luxuries due to our location, and we enjoyed such a variety of different food.  One night the crew arranged for some local cooks to prepare a traditional dish of pig roasted in banana leaves on the beach, and the next day we enjoyed Giant Tomahawk Steaks on the BBQ flown in from the USA!”