Where to Charter a Yacht in December

Adventurous, Off-the-Beaten-Track Cruising

Yacht Charter in December

Adventurous. Off-the-Beaten-Track

Antarctica, anyone? As the yachting season gets underway in the Caribbean, December is the best time to charter a yacht in some of the more adventurous and unexplored realms of the planet such as Papua New Guinea or the sublime Seychelles. For something even rarer, head to ritzy Mustique for New Year's Eve and see in the midnight chimes with fizz, fireworks and the finery of The Cotton House.

Adventure, Anyone?


Yacht Charter in December

Set Foot on Antarctica

It's one of Earth's final frontiers. An icy paradise that few ever visit. Charter a yacht in December when there's up to 20 hours of sunlight each day. This is when Penguins hatch eggs, glaciers creak and carve, seals applaud your arrival. From the ice cliffs of Skontorp Cove to the awesome caldera of Deception Island, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And, yes, this is the best time to take the Polar Plunge.

Yacht Charter in December

Ride the Waves in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea can feel like the end of the Earth. Stand on the eastern shore and you see nothing but sea. Chartering a yacht is essential for this island nation. December is great for surfing, particularly at Ulingan Bay and Kavieng in the north. But that's not all: kayak along the Sepik; explore the Conflict islands' coral reefs; or laze on the golden sands of Yuo and Muschu.

Yacht Charter in December

Beat the Holiday Crowds in the Seychelles

At the end of December, the Seychelles is in party mode – the resorts are full, the fizz is flowing and everyone brings in the New Year in style. Give yourself an early Christmas present by arriving at the start of the month and heading to Denis to see turtles lay their eggs. Then it's beach time. Charter a yacht to reach remote Anse Marron, the nation's most coveted cove, or quiet Anse Macquereau to go all Robinson Crusoe.

Yacht Charter in December

Make the Most of the Early Caribbean Season

December marks the start of the Caribbean Season. Charter a yacht and your choices are endless. Head to Silver Sands on Barbados to make the most of the winds that blow windsurfers and kite-surfers along the southern coast. Sunbathe at Dominica’s glorious horseshoe bay, Batibou Beach. Snorkel among the coral-covered statues of Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park. Kayak to Pigeon Island with a picnic. You'll never be bored.

Yacht Charter in December

Ring in the New Year on Mustique

As a ritzy, well-heeled wonder-island for the rich, famous and titled, Mustique is a must. Get dressed up to the nines and charter a yacht in December to make the guestlist for the island's New Year's Eve parties. Kick things off at Britannia Bay where Basil's Bar will be packed with people drinking Category 5 cocktails (filled with plenty of rum), before heading to the fancy Cotton House for midnight fireworks.

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