Travel to the End of the Earth

Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq. Breathtaking Icescapes. Thrilling discoveries. Heli skiing. Dog sledding. Expedition style hiking. Greenland has it all.

An Exhilarating Discovery of Greenland's best Adventures

Enjoy a thrilling exploration of Greenland aboard a luxurious explorer yacht. Heli-ski vast glaciers. Dog sled frozen landscapes. Discover the world beneath the ice. Sight seals, whales and caribou. And enjoy cruising through some of nature's most spectacular ice sculptures.



Begin your Arctic adventure in the culturally diverse capital city of Nuuk. Situated at the end of the Nuup Kangerlua Fjord on the eastern shore of the Labrador sea, Nuuk is the world's northernmost capital city.

After spending your first night on board, you will begin your expedition early the following day with a Hike or -if the snow allows - snowmobile to Quassussuaq or Ukkussisat for a delicious lunch arranged by the crew, whilst enjoying spectacular views over the city.

Maniitsoq & Kangaamiut


Heading north brings us to the island of Kangaamiut, an island off the coast of the Davis Strait, between mouths of two long fjords, and home to some of the world's most renowned heli-skiing sites.

Heli-Skiing around Kangaamiut in Spring offers everything from long, flat glaciers to steep couloirs, and you can enjoy descents of up to 2000 vertical metres, with many runs terminating at the sea's edge.



Greenland’s second biggest town, Sisimiut thrives at any time of year. Sisimut’s nearby fjords offer an opportunity to sight seals, walrus, and caribou, and the area is also great for ice-diving, and while exploring under the ice, you will encounter a couple of well-preserved wrecks, as well as an abundance of sea life including seals, and if you are lucky, bowhead or humpback whales.



Our final destination, Kangerlussuaq, can feel like the edge of the world. Bordering the vast icecap that covers eighty percent of Greenland, it offers a landscape of contrasts, where the greenery transforms abruptly into a desert of permanent ice.

This is one of the best places to spot wildlife in Greenland, and hiking here you may sight some of the 10,000 muskoxen that roam the valleys, along with snow hares, Arctic foxes, and herds of caribou.