Antarctic Peninsula On Board Legend

8 Days exploring the magic of Antarctica on the expedition yacht that has become synonymous with adventure: Legend.

King George Island


Take a flight from Punta Arena to the airstrip at Frei Station on King George Island, the main island of the South Shetland Islands. Legend will be anchored in Maxwell Bay, a one mile walk away. Once on board, sail out into the Bransfield Strait and south along the Antarctic Peninsula passing icebergs and chinstrap penguins.

Gerlache Strait


Begin your charter with breakfast served on board, followed by a mandatory IAATO briefing about being a responsible visitor in Antarctica. Sail into the Gerlache Strait where sightings of humpback whales are frequent. In the afternoon, we will drop anchor at Orne Harbour and head ashore to mainland Antarctica. Hike up to an impressive viewpoint overlooking the bay and then cruise through the Neumayer Channel to Port Lockroy where preparations will begin for submersible night dives.

Port Lockroy


This morning, the team from Port Lockroy will join us aboard for breakfast and an introductory briefing on behalf of UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT). Four fascinating women live in this remote outpost for 4 months of the year with no running water, only solar electricity. Go ashore to explore the specially protected historic site and museum, known as Port Lockroy on Goudier Island. Listen to presentations on Antarctica wildlife by the EYOS team leader. During this time, submersible dives continue following the sea floor and reaching depths of up to 60 metres. Even with limited visibility, this is an incredible experience witnessing the Antarctic sea life from starfish, whip coral, palm coral, anemones to octopus.

In the afternoon, make our way to Jougla Point on Wiencke Island to see Gentoo penguins and their growing chicks. Once back on board, take the plunge – literally. Plunge into the polar waters swiftly followed by champagne in the hot tub. This evening, a barbeque will be served outside followed by after-dinner drinks and perhaps a movie in the cinema.

Lemaire Channel


An early morning departure will take us through the Neumayer channel to Delconcle Bay. Watch leopard, Weddell and crab eater seals and calving – a totally unique spectacle. Launch the two Zodiac tenders and one long island limo style tender and cruise through the brash ice getting up and close to the wildlife – 3-5m to be precise.

Weave through the scenic Lemaire Channel. Nicknamed Kodak Alley, it is a photographer’s dream. Lunch will be served on the aft deck as we cruise down the Penola Strait. Drop anchor and head ashore to Vernadsky Station. Formerly the British base call Faraday, this station is now run by the Ukrainian Antarctic programme.

Cuverville Island


Start the day in Andvord Bay looking out for humpback whales passing under the bow and pods of curious killer whales. Drop the Zodiacs to investigate. Cruise through the Gerlache Strait and into the Errera Channel where we will launch the Zodiacs again and shuttle ashore to land at Cuverville Island. A large colony of Gentoo penguins resides on the north shore of the island. Next stop is Foyn Harbour at Enterprise Island. Explore the wreck of the Guvernoren by kayak, searching the coastline for Antarctic fur seals.

Whalers Bay


Pass through Neptune’s Bellows – the entrance to the flooded caldera of Deception Island, an active volcano which last erupted in the 1970s. Drop anchor and enjoy breakfast before going ashore to Whalers Bay. Hike around the collapsing remains of the former British base and the Hector Whaling Station, both of which were swamped by an ash-slide during the last big eruption. Walk along the beach, dodging Antarctic fur seals, before climbing up to Neptune’s Window for exceptional views across the Bransfield Strait. Upon returning to Legend, listen to a presentation on Antarctic Killer Whales. Brave the cold and go for another polar plunge if you dare, followed by a well-deserved glass of champagne in the hot tub.

Deception Island


Take a morning hike at Telefon Bay in Port Foster, the main bay of Deception Island. Featuring volcanic fumaroles, it is a stark contrast to the icy landscape seen earlier on our trip. Legend will cruise to Baily Head, home to a very large colony of chinstrap penguins and several Gentoo penguins. Antarctic fur seals, Southern elephant seals, their pups and giant petrels will be scattered along the beaches. After dinner on board, Legend will reposition to Maxwell Bay at King George Island for the last night aboard.

King George Island


Before heading home, disembark at Frei Station where we can visit the Russian Orthodox Trinity Church. Say our farewells and depending on the weather conditions, board the flight to Punta Arenas to begin our journey home.