Sveti Stefan

St Tropez’s little sister.

A Golden Necklace of Sand

Sveti Stefan is impossibly beautiful. This fortified island is connected to the mainland by a golden necklace of sand. Every piazza is sun-kissed; every view looks towards the sea. Yet paradise isn’t for everybody. Come sunset, the only guests allowed to sip cocktails and shimmy in the seaview Rakija Bar are residents of the Sveti Stefan Aman resort, or those aboard superyachts moored offshore.

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Your Guide to Sveti Stefan

Exclusive. Vibrant. Dreamy.

Sveti Stefan is Montenegro’s answer to St Tropez. During the 60s and 70s sassy starlets Marilyn Monroe and Princess Margaret strolled the cobbled streets. Like St Tropez, this oh-so-stylish village is surrounded by vineyards. The Radevic Wine Estate features 28 generations of viticulture. Sample sustainable vintages in a bucolic backdrop framed by Roman ruins, hiking trails and Adriatic breeze.

Sweeping Bays

Unlike Croatia, Sveti Stefan is laced with sand. 15 notable beaches stud the sun-drenched Montenegrin shore. Mogren 2 is shielded by a curtain of pine-scented cliffs. Perazica is so secluded that only a superyacht tender - or a sturdy set of legs - can reach it. The ultimate secret beach is the sand-ringed island of Ada Bojana. Abutting the Albanian frontier, this ex-military holiday resort is rugged, exploratory and soaked by 240 days of sun per year. The kitesurfing is awesome.

Robinson Crusoe Fantasy

A 10-minute RIB ride from Sveti Stefan is Sveti Nikola. This island - known locally as ‘Hawaii’ - has two superyacht surprises. On one side, three long beaches tempt with suntans, snorkeling and Kindle time. On the other, a 121m-high cliff crashes into the Adriatic, forming a platform for butterfly spotting and star gazing. Come nightfall, all day-trippers must return to the Montenegro shore. Leaving the entire island to your own Robinson Crusoe fantasy.