Saba Island

Dramatic peaks. Colourful Sea life.

Dramatic and Jurassic

Like it epic? How about a volcano that rises from the depths, bursting through the bright blue sea like a cloud-forested pyramid? Saba’s dramatic crags and slopes made it the setting for the original King Kong movie. But the really fantastic beasts are below the waves. This Netherlands territory is one of the best places in the world to dive, with dramatic rock formations and stunning sea life. See it all on a Y.CO charter.

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Reasons to visit Saba Island

Pyramid Peak That’s an Underwater Beauty

Look up! Look down! Adventure is everywhere on Saba. You can climb past bays and villages to a jaw-dropping volcano topped with a cloud forest. Or pop on your mask and head into a strange underwater world of volcanic caves and alleyways. Hawksbill turtles graze on seagrass, while manta rays glide past coral-covered pinnacles. Salivating over a superyacht charter to Saba? Here are three reasons to go.

Dive into Saba Marine Park

Saba has some of the world’s best diving, with a seascape that’s tranquil but full of life. The whole coast is a marine park, and bright corals and sponges, barracudas, octopuses and reef sharks thrive in these clear waters. It’s all waiting for you: flop off the side of your Y.CO luxury charter yacht to explore shallow reef, ridged labyrinths, hot springs and eerie depths.

Hike Mount Scenery

Up for climbing the Netherlands’ highest peak? It’s right here. Mount Scenery rises 887m from the sea – everything else on the island just clings to its slopes. Moor your yacht charter at Windwardside village and get ready for 1064 stone steps. If that doesn’t take your breath away, the greenery might. You’ll pass ferns and orchids on your way to the Elfin Forest, a cloud forest at this volcano’s panoramic summit.

Snorkel at Wells Bay

Don’t dive? No problem. Set your Saba Island yacht charter course for Well’s Bay, where cliffs wrap around a sloping beach. Snorkelling here is excellent, with colourful reef fish, eels and turtles – plus boulders to investigate. If the surf’s up, it’s an epic place to splash about, or sup a few cold beers in the picnic area. Climb the staircase at the back for sea views and access to the island.