The southern coast of Guama is the real Cuba. Sunken rum ships. Craggy coves. Indigenous culture. Once-lawless mountains. Visit for a peek of Cuba's pre-Conquistador, pure-Caribbean heart.

Cuba’s Old-world Wonder

Sail into a world that nature has shaded from the modern age. On the cusp of Turquino National Park, drift in any direction from stirring Santiago de Cuba and this glorious run of shoreline rewards privateers and freebooters as much as it does sunseekers. West Indian in influence, rebellious in spirit, you’re a world away from Havana. Mountains. Mojitos. Mystical morning sunrises. Plot a course for Guama now.

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Reasons to Visit Guamá

Unearth the Unknown

Sailing to Guamá is like discovering a different world. There's something about its oracular emerald mountains. Something mystical about its gleaming coves. It’s overlooked by Cuba's highest peak, Pico Turquino, and home to the country's most sacred pilgrimage site, too. Blessed with smooth coffee, golden rums and architecture to make Inigo Jones weep, she hypnotises every sailor she meets. Need more reasons to charter a Guamá yacht? Here's three.



Unbeatable Diving

Beyond generous. In little more than 100km of shoreline, Guama offers more than 75 sites to either dive or snorkel. Tunnels, caves, crags. Turtles, coral, crustaceans. It's a camera-grabbing pantomime of colour and tranquillity down here with parrot fish, snappers and barracudas. Get your Y.CO crew to head to The Maze, a labyrinth of giant reefs, or plunge 25m to swim amongst the Spring Carol wreck, now Neptune's forever.

Santiago De Cuba

Havana’s fiery compadre, Santiago de Cuba is the country’s Afro-Caribbean heart. It beats to a rebellious rhythm. A brooding and expressive city set in the mist-covered Sierra Maestra, this is where salsa comes from. It was the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution – and where Castro was laid to rest. Moor in the bay to appreciate the drama. Sunset is best seen with a rum from Hotel Casa Granda’s rooftop bar.


Steer your Y.CO yacht 35nm west of Santiago, cutting across the turquoise glass of the Caribbean Sea, and you’ll spot the whitewashed houses of Chivirico making a small claim for civilization against the vast, verdant Sierra Maestra. This is the Cuba time forgot. A place for those who want to leave modernity behind. Rums in tin-topped bars. Bartering for handmade goods. Slowing down to the gentle, horse-and-cart pace of the countryside. Bliss.