Delectable. Lush. Serene.

A Lesson In Natural Beauty

One of the last islands to become to European settlement, Canouan will take you to a world of contrasts in just five square miles of unadulterated beauty. Luxury resorts provide golf courses and five-star service, beyond which a lush green wilderness awaits exploration. Take your yacht charter to Canouan, drop anchor at Friendship Bay and admire the views.

A Tapestry Of Blue And Green

A vast expanse of pearly white sand framed by azure waters. The interior is an indulgent blend of emerald and leafy greens that perfectly contrast with the sky and sea. Hike scenic trails. Discover the marine life on a yacht charter in Canouan. Meaning "island of turtles", it’s appropriate that Canouan surrounded by one of the world’s largest coral reefs.

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A Grenadines’ Gem