The Y.CO Dream Team

Real people. Real passions.

The Y.CO Team

Our Superpower. People.

As a team that’s grown up, lived, worked or raced on the water, we know yachts like we do the back of our own hands. With specialism in every area, from management to marketing, charter, sales, accounting or destinations, we all bring our own superpower to the table, yet pull together to get the job done.

The Team

Culture Counts

Like a race team, none of us is as awesome as all of us. Add to that an encyclopedic network with the world's best shipyards and suppliers and specialist becomes unstoppable.

Why Y.CO

Going the extra mile

Give us a brief and we'll think beyond it. Getting you unparalleled access to an island paradise and throwing you the party of a lifetime.

  • Seamless and sensational yachting experience
  • Envisioning the future of yachting