Tamsin Priestley

Yacht Charter | London

"I Can't Imagine Doing Anything Else"


My Story

After more than fifteen years as a charter broker I can't imagine doing anything else. I have sailed all my life and my first jobs were working in the kitchen of a top London restaurant and as a sailing instructor so it wasn't a difficult decision to get into luxury yachting.

I have lived in New Zealand and France, but I am now settled in England with a husband, children and a menagerie of animals. I try to get the kids onto the water most weekends for sailing or waterskiing - I love playing with the family more than anything, especially whizzing around London on a scooter, it makes city living a lot of fun. My proudest achievement? Being able to produce '30 Minute Brownies' in 20 minutes! Life is just too short to hang around!

My Ideal Yacht

If I were asked to recommend a dream charter it would be to the Grenadines on Panthalassa (56m, 184ft). As I come from a sailing background I always tend towards sailing yachts. I would choose Panthalassa because although she’s very much ‘super’ in her proportions, she hasn’t lost that informal sailboat feel. Yes, she is large and very luxurious, but you still feel like you can be casual, put your (bare!) feet on the furniture and be totally relaxed. That’s what holidays are about to me, especially if the yacht is filled with kids who are exhausted after a day making the most of all the water sports onboard.

My Favourite Place

50°9'27"N 5°1'12"W