Nick Heming

Yacht Charter | London

'Time is precious'


My Story

My career in the yacht industry was caused by a childhood messing about on boats, spending the summers cruising on our 25ft classic sailing boat - 4 of us and a dog for weeks on end! 

Each year, the yachts become more sophisticated and the destinations more exotic. Clients who have done everything, been everywhere and have the means to obtain most things come to us looking for the unimaginable. I enjoy creating the perfect experience for them. Time is the most precious commodity my clients have so I work to make sure they spend it wisely, with the people who matter most.

My Ideal Yacht

Senses would be my ideal yacht for a number of reasons; She has the facility to cruise pretty much anywhere in the world and be self-sufficient for long periods of time. The yacht itself is a striking example of function and form, offering a vast array of watersports equipment, including a helicopter facility. Her design makes her stand out from the crowd and her cruising abilities are such that you can truly escape to extremely remote parts of the globe that are rarely visited by others.

This is what yacht charter is all about in my view – "Don’t follow the herd – stand apart and do something extraordinary ! “ 

My Favourite Place

42°59'45"N 6°13'0"E