Nadil Sanghar

IT Business Manager | Monaco

'a true geek at heart'


My Story

Brought up in Kenya and having studied in the US (in the Silicon Valley, with ringside seats to the birth of the Internet!), I’m passionate about IT and a true geek at heart. I moved to France in 2001 and built my career in the oil and gas industry, before being drawn into the yachting industry as I was seduced by the culmination of the centuries’ old art of boat building married with cutting edge modern technology. The results of which are magnificent works of wonder that exude beauty, elegance, each unique with its own timeless signature and spirit.

My Passion

I love working with my hands and appreciate the satisfaction of creation. I do a lot of woodworking and welding in my spare time, living in the lush and scenic back country of Nice, working on my DIY projects in the outdoors takes me back to my childhood days on the African continent. Aside from my preferred hobbies I am a regular runner and appreciate photography.

My Favourite Place

0°0'27"N 37°4'20"E