Eleanor Bloodworth

Yacht Charter | Monaco

'creating amazing experiences'


My Story

When I was young, I always imagined myself working in sales or marketing, but only on some exciting and glamorous product, so working at Y.CO pretty much ticks all those boxes. I love my job arranging yacht charters and take great satisfaction in creating amazing experiences for clients and their families in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

This style of work suits me because I have always been service oriented - if I had worked on a yacht I imagine I would have been Chief Stewardess, taking care of guests’ requirements in a hands-on way.

My Dream Yacht

I would cruise the Windward Isles on Talitha (80m, 262ft). Talitha’s such a beautiful boat and so elegant.  People fall in love with her for her history – there are not many yachts around which were built in 1930. With half a million nautical miles under her belt, she must have a few stories to tell about eras gone by. Talitha may not be the fastest of yachts, but I don’t mind going somewhere at a leisurely pace, especially if I am getting there in such style.

My Favourite Place

43°34'49"N 7°7'35"E