24 - 26 May 2024.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Experience the world's greatest race

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The Most Iconic F1 Circuit

Monaco. The mere utterance of the name evokes visions of glamour, wealth and prestige. And for petrol heads it is held in extra-special reverence, conjuring up two simple words: Grand Prix.

Once a year since 1929 this tiny Cote D’Azur principality has played host to the world’s most iconic motorsport event, with people arriving from all over the world to watch Formula 1 elite speed through narrow Monagesque streets at a heart-stopping pace.

There is only one way to see this spectacular event, and that’s from the comfort of an ultra-luxurious superyacht. Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to book a Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter for the next race. We’ll see you on the aft deck.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The Views

If you want to be close to the action - and who doesn’t - it doesn’t get much better than being on board one of the iconic Monaco Grand Prix yachts. Berthed just metres from the track, you can smell, hear, and feel the cars as they roar out of the tunnel, around Tabac corner and down towards Piscine.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The Parties

There is no better way to entertain your friends or provide corporate hospitality than by throwing an extravagant party on a Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter. Enjoy sundowners and canapés as the racing builds to a thrilling end. Later, join the all-night after-party that begins on the port and pulsates through the principality.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The Comfort

There’s nothing that quite compares with watching the Grand Prix aboard a yacht charter, your dedicated crew on hand to pamper you from the moment you wake. Watch the high-octane action unfold with a glass of Champagne in hand, surrounded by only your favourite people. And, when the celebrations are over, retreat to your private oasis to continue the party or wind down the night.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The World's Greatest Race

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The Access

With nearly 200,000 people squeezing into an area smaller than London’s Hyde Park, it’s little surprise that getting around can be a challenge during the Grand Prix. A French Riviera yacht charter aboard one of our Monaco Grand Prix yachts means having your own tender to take you directly to restaurants, clubs or parties - a must if you don’t want to get caught in the crowds.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024 Yacht Charter

The Privacy

Entertain your friends or clients in complete privacy above the clamour of the street, but with all the vibe and atmosphere of the world’s most glamorous race. With a Monaco yacht charter, you can be at the centre of the action without being the centre of attention.

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