Benefits Of Buying A Catamaran

The Advantages of Catamarans and Why They Are a Smart Purchase Decision

Are Two Hulls Better Than One?

Catamarans are increasingly popular on the sales market and, thanks to several key characteristics are more easily adaptable for a more sustainable way to cruise. Indeed, many notable names from the sports world have recently been reported to have purchased a catamaran including Nadal and Nico Rosberg who both opted for Sunreef models. What is it about catamarans then, that has seen such a boost in their profile? Are two hulls better than one?


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5 Reasons To Buy A Catamaran


Pioneers In Green Cruising

The larger surface area of a catamaran lends itself well to being adapted for electric propulsion and the use of solar panels. On traditional monohull yachts compromises would have to be made to allow the space needed for solar panels to power the vessel, whereas on a catamaran the design facilitates this naturally.

Many catamarans are emerging onto the market that are 100% solar powered, such as the Silent 80 and the Sunreef Power Eco. These are the first vessels that are able to cruise using only solar energy, eliminating the need for fossil fuels - a huge moment in the history of the yachting industry. Catamarans are paving the way for greener cruising, signalling a new era in yachting, and offer environmentally conscious Owners an excellent opportunity.


Space Vs Size

Thanks to having larger surface area a catamaran offers excellent volume in comparison to its length. The width allows for large salons and extensive deck space without having to move up a size range while the double hulls provide flexibility for various cabin arrangements to suit your individual needs. On top of this, with 360-degree views from the living areas, catamarans create a feeling of total immersion in your chosen destination.


Stability and Comfort

The double hull ensures increased stability while cruising and at anchor which in turn enhances the comfort on board at all times. This key catamaran characteristic, owing to the design of the vessel, means that stabilisers are not required as the yacht is inherently stable.


Reduced Operating Costs

Two slim hulls make for increased speed and greater efficiency, as they require less propulsion from either an engine or sails. As they move through the water more easily, they require less fuel, meaning a significant saving on operating costs over long distances compared with monohulled yachts. Plus, modern catamarans, being easy-to-manage vessels, often operate with fewer crew members which again, reduces the overall cost of running a yacht like this.


Made For Exploration

Catamarans tend to have a smaller draft which grants them access to shallow coves and enables them to reach remoter anchorages that other yachts might not manage. The Gunboat 68 for example has retractable rudders which means that 'boards up' the draft is as low as 1.2m, opening up the possibility for exploration and discovery. Having engines further apart, catamarans are more easily maneuvered than a monohull, making it easier for them to negotiate trickier to reach spots. Add to that the extra space on deck thanks to the double hull configuration, and a catamaran is the perfect option for relaxing at anchor in a secluded bay.

Buy A Catamaran - A Smart Way To Cruise

Y.CO Sales Broker Max Bulley comments, ‘A catamaran is a perfect vessel for someone who wants to explore, while their stability is ideally suited to being at anchor. Catamarans offer unrivalled living space for their size. Their main salons offer a uniquely open layout, with 360-degree views, connecting you to the surrounding nature like few other yachts can.’ If you are interested in exploring the benefits of catamarans further and would like to speak to a specialist about your purchase requirements, contact the Y.CO sales team.