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A Revelation in Green

The gold mark in eco-responsible yachting, the 23.8m Sunreef Power Eco 80 will continue to set the standard at the forefront of sustainable seafaring for years to come. Fully electric for silent cruising and infinite range. Coated, from waterline to bimini roof, with 200m2 of state-of-the-art solar panels. Ethically sourced materials used throughout. The Sunreef Power Eco 80 is designed exclusively for pioneers. Lead the green revolution.

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Avant-Garde. In Vogue. High-Tech.

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Trailblazing Green Credentials

Fully electric with an arsenal of green gadgetry, the Sunreef Power Eco 80 is making waves in yachting circles as the future of clean sailing. Custom-built solar panels – the lightest in the industry – generate 40kWp. Energy-generating wizardry gives this cool cat almost unlimited autonomy. This is innovation, embodied.

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Hybrid Hedonism

For a little more bang for your buck, the Sunreef Power Eco 80 is also available with hybrid engines. When silent cruising just won’t cut it, combine eco-credentials with the performance of thermal engines and arrive at your destination with purpose. Underway, your way.

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Jacuzzi Joy

A hotspot for chilling, the Sunreef Power Eco 80’s flybridge can incorporate a circular Jacuzzi, bordered by a full-beam bank of daybeds and a four-seat bar. Panoramic views aft make this the place to be when at anchor, cocktail in hand. This is entertainment done differently.

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Fully Customisable

New-build yachts offer the chance to leave your mark on the canvas. Colours, furnishings, fixtures. From the choice of materials used throughout to the yacht’s layout, almost every aspect of your Sunreef Power Eco 80 is fully customisable. Design the sailing lifestyle entirely to your liking.

On Board

Space and Comfort

There’s space to spare aboard this versatile cat, with interior and exterior hangouts aplenty. Her 12.00m beam accommodates an expansive flybridge. An aft deck that hosts up to 16. And a huge main saloon, complete with a dining table for 10. Space equals comfort when it matters most.

On Board

Beach Club Bliss

Her aft swim platform lowers on hydraulics, forming a full-beam beach club. Nestled within, a Jetski. On top, while underway, a tender. This stroke of genius connects guests with the water, flanked by two staircases from the main deck.


The Future of Eco Yachting


Range for Days

She’s a source of power. Fully electric with 200m2 of state-of-the-art, composite-integrated solar panels, the Sunreef Power Eco 80 is virtually self-sufficient with a near-infinite range. An ultra-light battery bank with increased weight efficiency and performance powers twin 180kW electric engines.


Green Details

It’s the attention to green details that sets her apart. Her batteries, for example, are 30% lighter than the industry standard. While underway, the cat’s hydro generation recovers up to 15kWh of energy from the propeller rotation. Sunreef can even fit a kite for improved performance and extended autonomy.


The Joie de Vivre


Live Your Best Life

At the heart of the experience, the water toys. The Sunreef Power Eco 80’s hydraulic swim platform unfurls to reveal a roomy garage – the perfect store for a Jetski and all-manner of fun things. She’ll carry a tender, so towables are always a good idea, as well as fishing equipment and snorkelling gear. Explore at leisure, discover the world, and live your best life.

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