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Where Style Meets Efficiency

Meet the new Steeler 61s Electric, an 18.6m yacht that combines state-of-the-art technology with a sleek, stylish design to provide an unparalleled cruising experience. Both powerful and efficient, it is the world’s first fully electric motor yacht. Its spacious interior features three cabins and a large salon, perfect for entertaining guests in ultimate comfort and luxury. And with a strong commitment to sustainability, the Steeler 61s Electric is the perfect choice for eco-conscious adventurers.

On Board

Where Style Meets Performance

On Board

A Seamless Living Experience

The 61S Electric by Steeler is designed to offer a new level of luxury and functionality with its unique single level living concept. On the middle deck, you'll find the salon, galley, and master bedroom seamlessly integrated over the entire length from fore-to-aft, without any stairs or height differences. The result is a spacious and comfortable living area that maximises your enjoyment of the water. Whether you're entertaining guests or simply relaxing with family, the Steeler 61S Electric is the perfect yacht for anyone looking to experience a new standard of comfort and convenience.

On Board

Sailing Sustainably

The Steeler 61S Electric boasts a single-level living concept, where the salon, galley, and Owner’s cabin are seamlessly integrated on the middle deck, creating a spacious and comfortable living area without any stairs or height differences. This innovative design provides the ultimate in luxury and functionality, perfect for entertaining or relaxing on the water.

On Board

Navigate in Style

Discover the epitome of maritime sophistication on Steeler 61S Electric, where cutting-edge navigation technology meets luxurious comfort. The helm boasts an advanced chart plotter for safe and informed sailing. Steps away, relax in the sumptuous cabin. Craftsmanship and elegance sail in harmony here.

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