Island Magic

Phuket to Patong Bay. Explore pristine beaches, vibrant cultures, and hidden treasures amid breathtaking landscapes, offering unforgettable experiences in Thailand and Myanmar.



Warm tropical waters. Soft sand. World class diving. Untouched coral reefs. An island hopping dream. Escape reality in the archipelagos around Thailand and Myanmar. Snorkel clear warm seas. Relax on deserted beaches. Paddleboard off bays. Trek rainforest trails. Spot baby sharks and manta rays.



Guests arrive at Phuket International airport. After a 45-minute drive, board the yacht's tender at the floating jetty at Patong beach. The yacht will be at anchor in the bay. Relax and explore the yacht. Overnight/early morning departure to the Similan islands. Passports and check-in papers will be driven by crew to the border town of Kawthaung ready for the check into Myanmar. (Passports will be kept in Kawthaung until the yacht checks out of Myanmar.) Leave Kawthaung and go off the beaten track, surrounded by nature with no GSM phone signal.

Similan Islands


Experience world class diving in this 128km² national marine park, with clear waters and visibility between 20 and 30m. Non divers can explore perfect beaches, swim in warm waters or trek island trails. With no fishing, jetskiing or watersports allowed, the Similan islands are a peaceful, untouched haven. Anchor overnight.



Early morning, depart the Similan Islands for Kawthaung, a border town in Myanmar. Morning check into Myanmar (Burma). A local official boards and stays onboard for the duration of the trip in Myanmar. After customs formalities are completed, head to the mysteriously named island 115 (43nm), with a great beach for snorkeling and swimming.

Great Swinton Island


Explore the dream-like island of Great Swinton, known as Kyun Pila in Burmese. Relax on deserted beaches of golden sand fringed by clear waters. This is heaven on earth. World class beaches surround the coastline here, relax on our favourite beach, lining the sweeping bay on the western tip of the island. Hike up the mountain on the island’s south east corner to take in stunning views. Play pool against the islanders. Paddleboard in the bay still, warm waters.

Clara Island


Far away from the mainland, Clara Island offers astonishingly clear waters, ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. On the western side off the island, choose from two picture-postcard perfect beaches close to a good anchorage on gently shelving sand. On the southeast of the island, spot baby black tip reef sharks swimming in the shallow water in front of the beach. The sharks use this as a nursery until they grow big enough for the deeper water of the reef to become predators. You can also see turtle tracks here, where female turtles have swum in on a high tide to lay eggs.

Lampi Island


Lampi is the largest island in the archipelago, 20nm long and 10nm wide. But while it’s roughly the same size as relatively nearby Singapore (population: 4 million), Lampi is totally uninhabited.

An island of outstanding natural beauty, it has been designated a national park by the government. Endless white sandy beaches stretch out along its coastline, some over 2km long. On the southwest of the island, 3 long beaches are divided by a small freshwater river. At the point where the river hits the sea, walk out along the sandy spit to an adjoining island at low tide. The island’s interior is a carpet of thick rainforest. At high tide, adventurers can navigate two tidal rivers on the west coast by small boat or sea canoe, to take in ancient mangrove trees towering 30m above the ground, as well as Wild Orchids kingfishers, hornbills, white breasted sea eagles and herons.



Back to Kawthaung. Myanmar official disembarks. Check out of Myanmar and pick up passports. Head to the gorgeous marine park of the Surin Islands, Thailand.

Surin Islands


After completing check out at Kawthong, explore the 135km² Andaman Sea archipelago of Koh Surin. The two main islands, Koh Surin Nua and Koh Surin Tai, are separated by a narrow 200m strait, surrounded by small pockets of mangrove and small beaches nestled among coves. Discover snorkelling spots teeming with sea life, and sublime scuba diving at the famous Richelieu Rock, home to Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

Pansea Beach


Journey to Pansea Beach. One of the best beaches in the area, Pansea is privately owned and accessible only to guests of the Amanpuri resort, named among the best hotels in the area by Condé Nast Traveler. At certain times access is limited to hotel guests. Bookings can be arranged by the crew.

Patong Bay


Depending on travel plans, spend the final morning of your charter on Pansea Beach or the Amanpuri resort. In the afternoon, head back to Patong bay for departure.