Southern Sardinia

Cagliari to Cagliari. Bring Your Senses to Life in Southern Sardinia.

Bring Your Senses to Life

For those looking to do it all, our Southern Sardinia itinerary will take you on an adventure. We have assembled a trip that explores the wild and unspoiled natural beauty of the Sardinian mountains. From the heights we take you to the coastlines to relax, unwind and revel in the pristine beaches. Whether you’re a beach lover, a snorkel explorer, or a hiking enthusiast, you have a pick of the bunch. Y.CO welcomes guests looking to indulge. Each island, town and village encourages guests to taste the best olive oil, wine and cheeses Sardinia has to offer. Let the locals take you on a tour down boulevards, Roman ruins and archaeological sites to feel encompassed by the rich history and culture of Sardinia.



D. H. Lawrence called it "strange and rather wonderful, not a bit like Italy". The Sardinian capital has been occupied by foreigners for 3,000 years and contains Roman amphitheatres, Byzantine basilicas and Spanish castles that ring the port. Italian culture is present only in its gelaterie and spaghetterie. The remaining cuisine includes Oristanan sausage pasta, panada fish pies and aperitifs laced with myrtle berries.

Cagliari’s handsome stone port purveys vini under the portici. The city’s central marina comes alive at dinner when 100 restaurants open for trade. The after party continues at Poeta beach, which hosts 12km of vibrant sand.

Mari Pintau


A small cove that connects Cagliari to Villasimius. Everything about this quaint place is peaceful and beautiful, from the road you drive to get here, all the way to the ocean. Translating to ‘painted sea’, it is evident from a glance how it got its name.

Punta Molentis


This clear turquoise water was made for swimmers and snorkelers to enjoy. A jeep tour of Sette Fratelli National Park provides a good contrast to life onboard, Holme oaks, rock roses, myrtle and lavender surround granite rocks in this picturesque park. Return to the yacht to cruise along the Costa Rei - the combination of icing sugar sand beaches and granite reefs create the perfect snorkeling environment.



Partially submerged in the sea, Nora was first discovered due to a storm surge. After the storm is the calm and this is evident in the surrounding beauty of the Pula Archaeological Park.

Cala Cipolla


An idyllic spot whether you like adventure or prefer to soak up the sun. Although only spanning 150 metres, the white sands, blue waters and Mediterranean backdrop provide the perfect solace for a day on Sardinia’s coastline.



Deemed as one of the best snorkelling beaches of Sardinia, Tuerredda is a must see. The views are just as beautiful above water as they are under. From the sandy beaches you can see Isola di Tuerredda, a small island that can be visited by canoe or swimming for guests who wish to revel in the full experience.



A small community of approximately 5,300 inhabitants resides in Gonnesa. With high sandy dunes, long beaches, cliffs and abandoned mines, the town has adventures for everyone.



The perfect spot with clear waters and pristine beaches. The main attraction is in front of you, a sea stack that emerges from the ocean. Adventure to the small rock arches on either side and feel encompassed by the cove.

Cala Domestica


Cala Domestica offers an insight into the area’s history and culture. Ruins of the mining buildings are still visible, surrounded by limestone cliffs and sand dunes. Torre di Cala Domestica, an old Spanish watchtower can also be seen from the island. You can take a trip up to the tower and revel in the panoramic views from the heights.



The beaches at Buggerru are renowned for their long stretches of white sand surrounded by mountainous scenery. The shallow waters provide excellent swimming and snorkelling opportunities, while on land the locals will give you a true insight into the history of this seaside town.

Oristano Bay


Full of authenticity and culture, Oristano takes guests back in time. A collection of ancient buildings and museums nod to the coasts past of their rich harbours.



Return to Cagliari and disembark the yacht.