Epic Wonders Of Nature

Sorong to Sorong Port. With 1500 islands in the Raja Ampat regency, explore some of the most remote and exotic places on earth.

1500 Exotic Islands

Turquoise waters and rich marine life. Sensational snorkelling and dive destinations with magnificent coral gardens. Limestone karsts, caves and lagoons. These dramatic picture-postcard landscapes are the perfect backdrop for your luxury yacht charter in this compelling archipelago.



Located on the ‘beak’ of the bird’s head peninsula, Sorong is less than one degree south of the equator and the perfect gateway to the spectacular Raja Ampat Islands. It is a busy port town with a picturesque backdrop of hills, mountains and protected forests. Climb the nearby Stone Hill for a fabulous panoramic view of the city and surrounding ocean. Tuna and shrimp are a popular catch with the fisherman in the area and a major export commodity, so if you like fresh seafood make sure to try some before you set sail.

Tomolol Cave


An iconic and sacred cave in the Raja Ampat regency spectacularly carved out by the elements. Kayak through pristine turquoise waters to the magical entrance of the Tomolol cave in the eastern district of Misool, to discover the stunning limestone karsts and the labyrinth of passages.



One of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago boasting some of the highest levels of marine biodiversity on planet Earth. In crystal clear waters, Raja Ampat is home to 75 percent of all known coral species in the world. Above the surface, Misool is utterly breathtaking with thick green forest, white sandy beaches, coconut trees and natural limestone pinnacles shooting high out the sea. Take a tender to the southern islands of Misool to the Love Lake; an unmissable pristine turquoise, heart-shaped lagoon.

Penemu Islands


The Penemu islands are a scenic cluster of rocky limestones with lush green tropical forest. This hilly landscape is a hiking wonderland, and with just 316 steps up a wooden staircase you are rewarded with phenomenal views of Raja Ampat. Find the Hidden Bay with picturesque rugged cliffs, or snorkel in the shallow bay beside beautiful unspoilt beaches. Fancy a dive? Head out to Melissa’s Garden, a renowned diving destination.

Wayag Islands


Wayag Island is the classic picture postcard of Raja Ampat. Hike the peak for the very special panoramic view of the ocean dotted rock formations, keeping an eye or an ear out for the birds of paradise as you go. The island is also well known for known for its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, offering fantastic snorkeling and diving. There is a good chance you will see turtles, rays and reef shark amongst the stunning coral.



Arborek is a breathtaking sand cay, lower and flatter compared to many neighboring islands. With a thriving village community, the locals here pioneer the conservation of the local reefs and the abundant manta ray population. Snorkel of dive around the jetty to catch a glimpse of this underwater beauty. Join in with a traditional dance class in the village or take home a hand-made souvenir.



Sail to the village of Sauwandarek in the Meos Mansar District to discover traditional Indonesian life in beautiful surroundings. Fewer than 50 families reside here in this exotic part of the world, many in original homes with picturesque leaf roofs. These incredibly friendly and welcoming locals produce hats and bags also made from the sea pandan leaf. Above the water you will see the village jetty, and below an abundance of beautiful corals and marine life including octopus, turtles, sea horses and giant clams. Behind the village you can visit the beautiful salty lake of Telaga Yenauwyau.

Sorong Port


Anchor in the port city of Sorong in West Papua, your final charter destination before you transer to the nearby Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Sorong is the largest city in the province and a thriving hub for oil, gas and logging operations.