Dive into Another World

Manila Bay to Cebu Island. One of the most beautiful places to explore in the Philippines, the Malay Archipelago will not disappoint.

Manila bay


Once known as the pearl of the orient, the Filipino capital was decimated in World War II, resulting in a somewhat deserved reputation for lawlessness and pollution. Explore Chinatown in the Binondo area and taste delicious fusion dishes. For a true gourmet Filipino experience, head two hours north to Angeles city to Bale Dutung, where artist writer-chef Claude Tayag occasionally cooks lunch for those who call in advance.



For a local dining experience, venture into the outdoor d’Mall market in search of Jonah’s (super fresh) fruit shakes, fresh fish at family-run smoke, and lemon cafe, which doesn’t look like anything special but is considered one of the best restaurants in the Philippines. Go for luxurious spa treatments during your Philippines luxury yacht charter at the new Shangri-la resort & spa and the award-winning mandala spa & villas. Kite- and wind-surf on the island’s astern shores. Don’t miss the world-class diving on the western side, home to numerous shipwreck sites and colourful reefs.

Busuanga island


If Palawan island is an unexplored frontier, then this small island just to the north is practically off the map. Few foreigners make it here, but those who do are rewarded not just with undisturbed natural scenery -- ideal for hiking, picnicking, island-hopping, and mountain biking -- but also with the Maquinit hot springs and some seriously impressive shipwreck diving. Continue your land exploration on the northern tip of the island at “Calauit island,” home to the unique Calauit game preserve and wildlife sanctuary, a sprawling area of grasslands and low hills that houses indigenous animals and African wildlife like giraffes, zebras, and gazelles.

Coron Island


Coron Island is utterly Jurassic. The ancestral homeland of the Tagbanwa people is a volcanic tangle of limestone islands and emerald bays. No adjectives can do justice to the scenes below the surface. A geothermal current attracts an aquarium of colourful species, while below the surface volcanic rock foundations form an eerie stage. Indeed, Forbes magazine rates Coron as one the 10 best diving spots in the world. Coron is also world renowned for wreck diving. A dozen Japanese warships, including the mighty Akitsushima, lie broken and buckled in 20m of crystal-clear sea. Another awe-inspiring dive is Cathedral Cave, a grotto that’s illuminated by sunshine streaking through a gap in the arched ceiling.

Palawan Island


Considered the country’s last frontier - a stone age tribe was discovered living there as recently as 1978. Visit the sprawling Tabon caves, in which some of southeast Asia’s oldest human remains were found. Head around to the island’s western side to the weird and beautiful St. Paul subterranean river national park, a five-mile-long water-filled cave that can only be toured in (strictly limited) outrigger canoes. If you’re in the mood for more traditional island pursuits, spend a day snorkelling and diving amongst Honda bay’s quiet, coral-fringed islets.

Cuyo island


Most of its serene islets are uplifted coral reefs, making it the perfect destination on your Philippine luxury yacht charter for days of uninterrupted island hopping, diving and snorkelling in the vibrantly blue-green sea, wandering powdery gold- or white-sand beaches, birdwatching, and clambering around hidden caves. One of the few volcanic islands, main Cuyo island features the archipelago’s only real town. Explore the islands yourself to find your favourite beaches (Pandan and Seland islands are particularly popular) and stop in at Pamalican island at the world-renowned Amanpulo resort.



The grandeur of the Philippines lies among its 7,000 islands. Over 6,000 of them are accessible only with your own vessel. For a vision of the archipelago, imagine uninhabited coral atolls, coconut groves and virgin white sand: then tell the captain of your charter yacht to set the GPS for Bohol. A unique microclimate has blessed the island with 1,300 perfectly conical hills. They are chocolate brown in the dry season – and emerald green in summer. If you don’t believe us, we’ll take you up in a microlight or helicopter from the tiny airstrip to survey the scene from the air. Other one-off experiences include a kayak expedition to uninhabited ‘Virgin Island’ with its icing sugar sand beach. Or try watching dolphins and migrating whales from the comfort of the bridge. Divers take note: undersea jungles of black coral surround the satellite islands around Bohol.

Cebu island


Once the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, the city of Cebu is now the country’s second largest, a less polluted alternative to crowded Manila. Float between the islets and picturesque beaches on banca cruises, and enjoy fresh seafood cooked to order at the fishermen’s stalls in the Mactan shrine area. Get away from the crowds by heading to the southwestern side of the island, to Moalboal and Badian, where you can hike to and swim in the impressive Kawasan falls, go diving along the reefs, and search out quiet beaches.

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