A Chain of Offshore Jewels

Cucumber Beach Marina to Belize City. A twelve day exploration of Belize's uninhabited islands and atolls by superyacht.

Cucumber Beach Marina


Get picked up by tender in Cucumber beach, one of the few man made beaches in the Caribbean, but it is by no means any lesser than its more natural counterparts. Lined with white sand, palapas and coconut trees, Cucumber beach is the ideal place to begin your Belizean adventure. Meet the crew and board your yacht at anchor just outside the marina. The marina is just a short passage to Middle long Cay, one of Belize's precious pristine gem's, with fantastic diving and magnificent water colors on offer.
In case of late arrival, you can spend the night by Drowned cays, and relocate to Middle long cay the following morning.

Rendezvous Cay


Spend a day of sea, sun and relaxing around the Belize Barrier reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore reef fish and Manatees in Rendezvous cay, Bluefield range and Alligator cay, each abundant with spectacular marine life. If you're looking for seclusion, then there is no better. Located no more than an hour from Belize city lies Rendezvous island, boasting 10 thatched palapas fixated in the middle of the plentiful cays; a perfect destination for those who want to relax and those with an adventurous soul.

Lighthouse Reef


5 hours offshore passage in the morning towards Lighthouse Reef, home of the mysterious Blue Hole Natural Monument. Teeming with life and swim-throughs, it’s no wonder it’s the most visited off the Belize coastline. Being one of just four atolls in the southern hemisphere, Lighthouse reef is not one to miss. With some of the clearest diving conditions in the whole Caribbean, and claiming fame as one of the most healthy marine ecosystems in the world, it makes perfect sense that lighthouse reef is on the list. After a day’s snorkeling and diving you can enjoy a scenic lunch or dinner at anchor west of Long cay.

Half Moon Caye


Enjoy the clear waters of aquamarine blue, the beautiful beaches, colonies of the red footed booby bird, and tender trips to Half moon Cay. On the eastern shore, swim in the famous Blue Hole, or sit back and relax on the castaway white sand beaches. A protected marine reserve supporting some of the healthiest ecosystems in Belize and its littoral forest harboring numerous protected species.

Glover’s Reef


Four hours passage in the morning towards Southwest cays on Glover Reef, a beautiful stretch of white sand, palm trees, forming a string of pearls surrounded by the beautiful translucent Belize waters. Explore multiple locations in this national reserve in one of the most unique diving experiences in the Caribbean. Truly escape from everything at the most remote atoll off the coast of Belize.

Turneffe Atoll


Three hours passage towards Cay Bokel on Turneffe Islands, by the fabled Turneffe island lodge. At approximately 48km, it is the largest of the three atolls and is recognized as the most diverse of all marine ecosystems in the area. Turneffe is a prestigious fishing destination for bonefish, tarpon and permit and boasts phenomenal visibility for snorkeling, and diving wrecks which can be explored with experienced local dive operators.

Colson Cay


Three hours passage towards the anchorage by Cucumber beach marina for disembarkation; Or 3.5 hours passage towards Colson Cay, protected from the elements inside the Lagoon where guests can enjoy the calm swimming and beach walking. Only a short boat ride towards the popular Cay Caulker where you can see the endangered West-Indian Manatees, an experience you will never forget.

Tobacco Caye


1.5 hour to Coco plum Cay and Tobacco Caye, the Northern part of the South water marine reserve. A beautiful isle spoiled with palm trees and long beaches that can be explored by tender all the way to Blue ground range and South water Cay. Epitomised by a small island with a population of just 30 people, Tobacco caye is the perfect spot to enjoy scintillating sunsets from the deck whilst enjoying the local Belikin beer.

Lagoon Caye


A short 1.5 hour passage towards Lagoon Cays, west of the Victoria channel. A spectacular atoll boasting a deep water lagoon and bird sanctuaries that can be explored by tender. The huge ring shaped island is a prime anchorage spot with a variety of nearby attractions. The lagoon itself provides extraordinary diving possibilities and with close proximity to mainland Belize, this spot has a lot to offer. With protected conditions it is a prime spot for anyone who enjoys water sports or sailing.

Hatchet Cay


A1.5 hour towards Hatchet Cay, close by Gladden Spit and Silk Cay marine reserve, where Whale sharks gather three days before and after the full moon.
Make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity by swimming with the Whale sharks with a local guide. The island provides an unspoiled environment for an unforgettable tropical affair.



2.5 hours towards the beautiful town of Placencia, a strip of beaches sculpted for holiday goers. With 16 miles of beaches to enjoy you are spoiled for choice in Placencia, which also offers various tourist attractions including fly fishing, whale shark watching and the ancient Maya ruins just a short drive from the area. Or embark on a 6 hour passage towards Belize city, for disembarkation.

Belize City


A city plentiful of culture with the streets lined with colorful shops and historical buildings. Enjoy numerous resorts or enjoy a trip to the Maya ruins easily reachable from the capital. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous then you can take a tour through the forest in search of the local wildlife and even embark on a Jaguar spotting tour, or go tubing in the limestone gorges just outside the city.