Bahamian Out Islands

Our 7 Day Cruising Guide in the Bahamian Out Islands. Switch your life to Bahamian pace in this bucolic island chain of 365 islands and cays.

Albany Marina Bahamas


Embark your yacht at Albany Marina, one of the most luxurious marinas in the Bahamas set on 600 oceanside acres.

Cat Island


Cat Island is home to the highest point in all of the Bahamas, Mount Alvernia, also known locally as Como Hill, 206 feet above sea level. In the 1930’s a local priest built The Hermitage monastery here. Hike up here for some of the best views in the Caribbean. Rich in history, Cat Island was named for pirate Arthur Cat, a friend of Blackbeard’s. Stoll rolling hills, explore the island’s nature trails and relax on eight miles of Pink Sand Beach.

Conception Island


Many yachtsmen call Conception Cay the ‘most beautiful island in the Bahamas’. Protected for 50 years as a Bahamian National Park, its deep seas and coral reefs need to be navigated by skilled captains. Brave travellers will discover an uninhabited island that hides a secret blue lagoon.

Tender or kayak to the mile-long beach that shimmers in the sun. The island soundtrack is a thousand tropical birds joining in the fun. Crew can act as guides to this eight-square-kilometre paradise, which lucky visitors will occasionally have entirely to themselves.

Rum Cay


Rum Cay is renowned across the Bahamas for its surfing and deep reef diving. Atlantic rollers make its ocean side the perfect place to kiteboard or hang ten. The island’s leeward side drops off to shelter scores of species of sea life. For oceanic parades of manta rays, dive the famed Grand Canyon, a 60ft high coral wall. The cay remains one of the most unspoilt islands in the entire Bahamas chain. Hiking trails lead to lonely white sand beaches where the footprints will be yours alone.

San Salvador Island


Known locally as San Sal, San salvador is one of the most historic islands of the Bahamas, and was the very first landfall of Columbus’ voyage to discover the New World. It may have more monuments, ruins, shipwrecks and Christopher Columbus memorials than any other island, but history isn't all that's on offer here. With lively and colourful reefs in the surrounding waters, San Salvador Bahamas is known to be the very best island in the country for scuba diving.