Yacht Charter In San Evaristo

Authentic Baja Living

Tiny Fisherman’s Enclave

Experience a taste of the true Baja California lifestyle on your San Evaristo yacht charter. Explore saltwater dams teeming with marine life. Spearfish for calico grouper in the clear aquamarine waters of the Sea of Cortez. Or bargain for freshly caught cabrilla sea bass at the miniscule fishing village - the only sign of civilisation for miles and miles.

Yachters’ Exclusive Domain

Discover a virtually untouched hideaway on your Mexico yacht charter. Anchor in a placid natural harbour. Take in views of a striking shoreline accessible only by boat. Swim in bath-warm, turquoise seas that belong only to you. Savour barbecued catch of the day, perfectly prepared by your crew on a deserted white-sand beach, as the golden sun starts to slowly sink beneath the horizon.