Ciénaga de Zapata National Park

Vast nature preserve. Experience an untouched Caribbean habitat, largely immune from the influence of human beings.

Tropical Wildlife Galore

Explore a vast UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on your Ciénaga de Zapata yacht charter. Navigate through massive swamplands and thick forests, filled with diverse species of animals and birds. Marvel at crocodiles slicing through the swamp’s waters. See wild boar, iguanas and falcons, as you hike on a guided tour through the park.

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Your Guide to Ciénaga de Zapata

Pristine Marine Ecosystem

Choose an undisturbed stretch of white sand to anchor off of on your Cuba yacht charter to Ciénaga de Zapata – there are more than 30 kilometres of virtually unexplored coastline in the natural park. Snorkel or dive on vibrant coral reefs and observe the hundreds of species that live there. Swim in flooded caverns, known as cenotes. Commune with nature in translucent, azure waters.