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A Diamond Destination for Year-Round Charters.

The Jewel of the Antilles

Puerto Rico, the smallest of the Greater Antilles, boasts 300 miles of beaches, forested mountains, over 500 years of Hispanic culture, and 10+ marinas. With perfect winds, it's a top destination for Y.CO yacht charters year-round.


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Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

History, Nature, Adventure: Puerto Rico

Explore Puerto Rico's variety with a Y.CO yacht charter. Dive Mona Island, visit San Juan, and hike El Yunque. Anchor off the secluded Lost Coast for tranquility. Top three must-do activities!

Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

The second-oldest European settlement in these seas has charm to burn. There are 400+ historic listed buildings to gawp at on a leisurely stroll around its famous cobbled streets. Don’t miss the high drama of El Morro its 16th-century Spanish citadel. When the sun goes down, San Juan gets lively. Moor your tender at the old-town marina, stroll through the colourful Puerta de Agua (‘Watergate’) and kick off a colourful evening off at La Alpargatería with ginger martinis.

Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

Kayaking Bioluminescent Bays

‘Bioluminescent bay?’, you ask. These ultra-rare marine environments glow when you stir them up with a kayak paddle. There are five worldwide and Puerto Rico has three. Mosquito Bay in Vieques (the brightest). Laguna Grande in Fajardo. And La Parguera in Lajas. Difficult to access – Vieques lies in a marine sanctuary six miles off Puerto Rico – your luxury Y.CO charter yacht will position you front and centre, when the spectacle is most brilliant.

Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

Idyllic Culebra’s Natural Wonders

Need to escape to more obscure highlights? Have your Y.CO charter whisk you 47km east of Puerto Rico to the tropical perfection of Culebra. Any divers on board? Meet the teeming marine life of 20 surrounding cays. Beach bums? The pristine sands of world-famous Flamenco Beach await. Nature lovers, perhaps? Leatherback and Hawksbill-turtles in Culebra National Wildlife Reserve. OK, foodies then? Flapping-fresh fish served at El Edén, the island’s best seafood restaurant.