A Masterpiece. In the Middle of Nowhere.

Remote Ravishing

A sultry paradise of beaches, jungles, and pristine waters. Charter a Y.CO yacht for an unforgettable experience.


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Your Guide to Mauritius

Life in the Slow Lane

Your Guide to Mauritius

Sipped, Stripped Back and Sun-Soaked

Mauritius measures time by the swing of your hammock. By the slow whoosh of its waves. Heck, you could set your watch by the boats sailing across from its remote next-door neighbour, Rodrigues. Expect peaceful fishing villages. Hikes through forest-covered mountains. Beaches to savour forever. Charter a Y.CO yacht to experience life as it should be: sipped, stripped back and sun-soaked. Here are three more reasons to charter a yacht in Mauritius.

Your Guide to Mauritius

Rare Wildlife Encounters

A veritable regatta of enchanting wildlife, Mauritius is like a free-range menagerie. Giant tortoises munch their way through Île aux Aigrettes. Bottlenose dolphins glide through the waters off the west coast. A Y.CO yacht charter allows you to swim with tropical fish near Flic en Flac. And seek out passing whales. Twitchers will go full Attenborough for Mauritius kestrels, pink pigeons and the rare Mauritian fody. Pack a camera.

Your Guide to Mauritius

Beaches Beautiful

When is a beach more than a beach? When it's located in Mauritius. The shoreline here is more like a love letter to nature. Crescents of soft – often deserted – diamond-white sand. Never a footprint on them. Crowns of palm trees. Water as clear as a goddess' tears. Heavenly surfing at Tamarin Beach, backed by a volcano. Pointe Lafayette remains untouched. And the others? Only a Y.CO yacht charter away.



Unforgettable Fresh Food

Mixing Creole with colonial. Sand-in-the-toes tables with sparkling ocean views. The Mauritian food scene is out-of-this-world-good. Fat, homemade sausages with a sharp kick of wine. Smoked marlin with lentils. Octopus bouillon with creamy coconut chutney. Roasted wild boar. Everything fresh. Everything fantastic.

Heavenly Hiking

It sounds surprising, but Mauritius is laced with incredible treks that follow the crest of the coastline, climbing cliffs and cutting through palms. And routes that run through Black River Gorges National Park to rushing cascades, surprise swimming holes and forested, V-shaped valleys.

Colourful Culture

From Indian pilgrims gathering at sacred Grand Bassin to Creole festivals on Rodrigues, Mauritius has long been a carnival of different cultures and customs. We love to discover the traces of Africa, China, Europe and the Middle East through its music, food and rituals.