From natural reserves to historic forts and secluded beaches.

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Your Guide to Bermuda

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Your Guide to Bermuda

Triangulate Your Perfect Bermudan Getaway

Isn’t the Bermuda Triangle a no-go zone for shipping? With Y.CO yacht charters as your guide, Bermuda’s abundant fringing reefs change from a hazard to an attraction. This is one of the world’s great diving centres, but if swimming with pelagics isn’t your thing, there’s plenty to entertain you topside, from natural reserves to historic forts and secluded beaches. Trust Y.CO to know where the best spots can be found.

Your Guide to Bermuda


Who thinks of Bermuda for lessons in British colonial history? Settled literally by accident Triangulate Your Perfect Bermudan Getaway, it grew into a centre of Britannic naval power. That legacy is everywhere, from the Royal Naval Dockyard to Fort St Catherine. Is diving more your thing? Y.CO charters opens up Bermuda’s 300 renowned dive spots, with plenty of sunken ships for those into wreck-diving. But here’s why we recommend Bermuda for luxury yacht charters.

Your Guide to Bermuda

The Oldest English Settlement Around

Ever wanted to explore the oldest English settlement in the Caribbean? Welcome to 400-year old St George’s, founded on the spot where the original ‘settlers’ straggled ashore. And don’t just expect crumbling piles of stones. St George’s is still a thriving town, protected by its Unesco listing. Moor your Y.CO at St George’s marina and explore the original colonial streets, dotted with attractions such as doughty Fort St Catherine.

Your Guide to Bermuda

Secluded Beaches

Your Guide to Bermuda

Wreck Diving

What could be more evocative than diving through the hull of a ship that sank nearly 400 years ago? Bermuda’s extensive reefs, paradise to 650 species of fish, are kryptonite to shipping. More than 300 vessels came to grief here, with 150 discovered, and 35 lying in waters shallow enough for recreational divers. Y.CO charter can take you to them all, including the oldest, the Virginia Merchant, sunk in 1661.

Your Guide to Bermuda

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

The names sound over the top, but these ghostly natural grottoes really justify the hype. Discovered in 1907 by two teenagers searching for a lost cricket ball, they’re an illuminated fantasy of spindly straw stalactites, limestone ‘waterfalls’ and a walkway over the eerily reflective waters of Crystal Cave. Catch a taxi from your Y.CO charter mooring in St George’s and take an informative 45-minute tour through this psychedelic subterranean wonderland.