Greater? Lesser? It’s All Superb Sailing.

A Tropical Treasure

The Antilles? You’ll know them as The Caribbean Islands, and that means you’re bound for some of the world’s most stunning sailing. A luxury Y.CO yacht charter can take you to the best of this archipelago, both Greater (Puerto Rico, the Caymans, Cuba, Jamaica) and Lesser (Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago). With an Antilles yacht charter at your whim, there’s not one of these tropical treasures beyond your reach.

Reasons to visit The Antilles

The World’s Greatest Island-Hopping Destination?

Of course you’re not fooled by the distinction between ‘Greater’ and ‘Lesser’ Antilles. There are world top-10 sailing destinations in both, all offering astonishing marine environments and immense cultural variety. Whatever your pleasure, Y.CO can take you there: from wild annual carnivals to pristine reefs, sport-fishing grounds and forested ‘desert’ islands. Fancy more action? Toys and tenders – from high-performance to wave-powered – are always available for adventures away from the ‘mothership.’ Here are three more reasons to book a Y.CO Antilles yacht charter.