Tom Debuse

Charter Management | Monaco

"I'm a born wanderer"



My dream as a child was to become a jockey but I outgrew that one. Apart from some exciting dinghy sailing I didn’t discover this great industry until after my wife and children entered my life, but if I could do it now, I'd want to crew on a race yacht on a Trans-Atlantic crossing.


I'm a born wanderer, and have lived in Australia, Uganda, the UK, Papua New Guinea, Japan and now France. Growing up in Australia gave me a love of sports. I don't get to do as much as I like but I run and cycle when I can and still take part in the occasional triathlon! My biggest love though, is for the water and feel slightly off centre if I haven’t been in the sea in the last week or two. I sail whenever I can and if I could take my family on any yacht for a week it would be Thalima - she's perfectly made for exhilarating sailing and has a clean elegant layout that I could thoroughly enjoy.

My Favourite Place

26°23'19"S 153°5'22"E