Ralph Crane

Company Secretary | London

'I thrive on being busy'


My Story

After accountancy, I thought my next career was not going to be finance, however when Y.CO came calling I realised that my love of life, travel and contributing to the development of both a business and its people was too good to miss. I thrive on being busy and when not engrossed in Y.CO I will be found fishing for trout on the river Test, Salmon fishing in Newcastle, Russia or Canada or coarse fishing on the Hampshire Avon. The fishing competes with an active family life of socialising and negotiating with my children, or watching football at the Arsenal, Rugby at Twickenham or Ealing Trailfinders. As to yachting I can sail a laser, place a small boat over the fish or mix a mean Gin and tonic for the skipper of a Beneteau 42.

My Favourite Place

66°23'57"N 36°35'32"E