Leonard Loyseau

CRM & Data Administrator | Monaco

'Y.CO was the only choice'


My Story

Born in Nice and raised in a nearby village called Biot, I moved to Montreal at the age of 18 to study Marketing and later worked there for a few more years. I spent a year in Madrid to complete my MBA before moving back home to the French Riviera. I was raised in yachting thanks to my dad’s incredible passion for sailing and worked within his boat company for 10 years during summertime. After a previous experience in another brokerage company, Y.CO was simply the only choice to pursue my career in this inspiring industry and today, I am the CRM & Data Administrator directly providing daily services to the Sales, Charter and Management teams.

My Passion

As a pure sports passionate, I am playing football, skiing and wakeboarding (in the summer). When not working, I love being outside and spending time with family & friends under our beautiful Mediterranean sun.

My Favourite Place

45°30'33"N 73°32'5"W