Jeremy Vanzo

Charter Accounts | Monaco

'attached to the sea'


My Story

Born and raised in Monaco, I have obviously always been attached to the sea. My first sailing experience was in school, learning to sail in port Hercules. I got off to a bad start as I fell off my laser and drank some of the port water but that did not alter my taste for sailing. I then spent a few unforgettable holidays on a sailing yacht with my family.

A career in the yachting industry seemed like a natural move. The charter world allows me to live (by proxy) my passion for travelling. I’ve travelled around almost all continents but my favourite place is definitely Japan. My ideal charter would be a few weeks onboard Vertigo with my family and friends around Okinawa island. Back home you’ll hear me engaging in my other passion, music. I play all sorts of instruments, all at a very poor level, but that’s enough to clear my mind.

My Favourite Place

35°41'22"N 139°41'30"E