James Foster

Financial Director | Monaco

'We’re the best team'


My Story

The Y.CO accounts team are like the mighty Liverpool FC. We’re a crack squad of hard-working team players with debts to settle across Europe. As a lifelong red I realise that sound accounts are key to success on field. Get the maths right and you’re in Bill Shankly territory. Get them wrong and you end up with Roy Hodgson.

My Passion

Sadly I never had the chance (or the skill!) to play for Liverpool. I try to keep fit in other ways and morning sessions in the gym doing weights and spin classes are the next best thing. After being given the chance to participate in the Lewis Moody Mega Tri in 2019, I have found a new passion for road cycling. Going out early in the morning and seeing the sunrise over spectacular views has given me a greater appreciation for life.

Although I’m a chartered accountant, I indulged my love for all things Stateside with a degree in American History (even if they call the beautiful game soccer). My next holiday is hopefully the USA's one and only Las Vegas. Truth be told, I'd probably rather go there than Liverpool. 

My Favourite Place

51°39'52"N 0°36'25"W