Alisha Mcdonald

Yacht Charter | London

'sail the Whitsundays'


My Story

What I enjoy about Y.CO is the team I work with. Most of us in London are Charter Brokers and it is great to be in an environment where there is so much knowledge to share. I've been doing this job for over a decade but there is always something to learn about new yachts coming onto the market or a fabulous new restaurant that I know a long standing client will enjoy. I spent two summers working as a stewardess and deckhand which gives me a useful insight into life onboard and how important a good crew is. My husband and I sail ourselves whenever we can and when our daughter is old enough it would a be a dream to sail in the Whitsundays.

My Ideal Yacht

The charter yacht I'd most like to enjoy firsthand would have to be the Maltese Falcon (88m, 289ft).  This is a truly iconic yacht which will hold her place as a pioneer in yacht design for years to come. She’s become so well known wherever she cruises and to spend a week onboard would be a privilege, something to remember forever. The Maltese Falcon shows what can be achieved by an owner and designer combining tradition with technology and a touch of modernism. Brave, unique and utterly striking.

My Favourite Place

16°43'42"S 151°0'39"W