Setting Sail for a Sustainable Future

Y.CO joins forces with RMI in accelerating the energy transition.

Y.CO Joins Forces With RMI

Why We are Doing This

If you love yachting, you know that there’s nothing quite like exploring the natural beauty of the ocean and its stunning island destinations. Yet climate change has hit these communities the hardest, with extreme weather inflicting suffering and causing widespread economic damage. We want to see these island communities thrive. That’s why Y.CO is proud to support RMI (link) (formerly the Rocky Mountain Institute), an organisation dedicated to creating a clean, prosperous, and zero-carbon future for all.

Y.CO Joins Forces with RMI

Contributing to Communities That Support Yachting

Y.CO Joins Forces With RMI

Join Us in Our Pledge

In 2023, Y.CO donated 20,000 USD towards a solar microgrid project to benefit primary schools in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The microgrids generate over 60% of the schools’ electricity consumption and provide power for more than a day off the grid. Since both schools are hurricane shelters, these systems will enhance their resilience by keeping critical services operational during and after extreme storms.

In 2024, Y.CO has committed to raising 50,000 USD to fund the development of solar and battery storage microgrids for 4 medical clinics in the Bahamas, Anguilla, US Virgin Islands and Saint Lucia. These microgrids will supply power to facilities providing public safety and emergency services during and after disasters.

If you would like to support Y.CO and RMI to reach the 50,000 USD target and kickstart the project, please consider making a custom donation of your choice.

Make a difference.

Pledge 1% of your Charter Fee.


Y.CO Joins Forces With RMI

How You Can Help

Y.CO is encouraging clients to donate to RMI's Islands Energy Program, which aims to empower island economies to leverage their natural resources to generate clean energy. By doing so, the program hopes to alleviate energy poverty, improve health, reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, and improve climate resilience across Caribbean Island nations. To pledge 1% of your charter fee, or donate any other amount, speak to your Y.CO representative.

About RMI

Clean Energy Future

The Rocky Mountain Institute is an independent nonprofit founded in 1982 with a mission to transform the global energy system into one that is clean, prosperous, and zero-carbon. Their Islands Energy Program focuses on empowering island nations to harness their abundant local and natural resources such as wind, sun, and geothermal resources, to provide low-cost, clean, resilient energy, reducing their reliance on imported oil-fueled electricity and vehicles. This support will have a significant impact on the lives of those who are most affected by climate change and help preserve these beautiful yachting destinations for future generations.