A story of responsibility

From Caps 
to Coral

The extraordinary journey, exploring the passion, challenges, 
and breathtaking beauty of life on the open water.

66 Degrees South

Antarctica. The only continent still untouched by human disturbance. An enigmatic kingdom of moody skies, ice-berg studded channels, formidable glaciers and snow-laden peaks plunging into the sea. The coldest, highest, emptiest, driest, most beautiful continent on Earth.

As an award-winning filmmaker, expedition photographer and the Head of Luxury Yacht Films, it’s Shelton Dupreez’s job is to capture a little piece of Antarctica’s power. He leads Y.CO’s special photography services on board yacht charters in the White Continent, and spent the last season on LEGEND, documenting the herculean landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula and some of the extraordinary experiences
guests had on board.