Our Guide to Off-The-Beaten-Track Yachting

Expedition Charters

Expedition Yacht Charter

On Top of the World

They might be at opposite ends of the planet but, for many, the magnetic polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic remain side by side on many a once-in-a-lifetime travel wish list. For others, bucket list adventures might be diving the reefs of French Polynesia or sighting dragons in Indonesia. Whatever far-flung adventure looks like for you, we can make it happen than on an explorer yacht charter.

Why Choose Y.CO for Your Yacht Expedition

Adventure with Y.CO

Why Choose Y.CO for Your Yacht Expedition

Experts in Escapade

Leaving the beaten track requires planning, lots of it. We’ll plan your itinerary to the smallest detail and leave room for a little magic too. From initiating the family in the famous polar plunge to dinner inside a volcano, Y.CO charter is about memories your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Why Choose Y.CO for Your Yacht Expedition

Untold Luxury

If you’re going to adventure off-grid, you’ll need a yacht – and superstar crew – that can provide everything you need to make you feel at home. Whatever your requirements, we’ll scour the global fleet to ensure we find you a yacht that doesn’t just go the distance, it goes the extra mile too.

Why Choose Y.CO for Your Yacht Expedition

In Good Company

From booking heli-ski instructors to arranging naturalist guides to accompany your group, we’ll make sure you have everything – and everyone – on board to help you get the most from your adventure.

Why Choose Y.CO for Your Yacht Expedition

Permission to Land

Visiting fragile environments has to be done with respect. Using our specialist network of ground partners, we’ll make sure your experience is seamless, securing the access in advance, and taking care of the associated paperwork and post-charter reporting.

Adventure Everywhere

Here are our favourite expedition destinations