In The Footsteps Of Giants

Larger-Than-Life Encounters

There aren’t many travel experiences more rewarding than having a close encounter with a wild animal in its natural habitat. From swimming with majestic manta rays to observing polar bears in the northern reaches of the Arctic, a superyacht is one of the best ways to get closer to the giants of the natural world. And, because everyone can do with a little inspiration in this changing world, we’ve put together four larger-than-life encounters that we think should be on everyone’s wildlife wishlist. We, like you, are looking forward to discovering new horizons.

Dancing with Dragons

Travel to the Komodo National park and see for yourself why it became the inspiration behind Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. The resident Komodo Dragons, which are as primordial and otherworldly as the landscape they inhabit, have thrived in these Indonesian islands for millions of years.


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Encounters on the Ice

Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, you’ll find a place where polar bears outnumber people. Cruise the ice floes of the Svalbard Archipelago for sightings of the world’s largest carnivorous land mammals as they hunt for ringed seal on the ice sheet.


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A Yacht Charter Is One of the Best Ways to Get Closer to the Giants of the Natural World

Wonders Of The Deep

The Majesty of Mantas

Dive the waters of Costa Rica's Cocos Island and witness a spellbinding display of aquatic acrobatics by giant manta rays. The behavior these giant mantas exhibit is almost inexplicable. These gentle giants with a wingspan up to 20 feet consistently approach divers for intimate eye-to-eye encounters.

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