Best Caribbean Islands For Chartering A Yacht

Best Caribbean Islands To Charter A Yacht

The Caribbean is one of the most incredible regions of the world. With 28 island nations and more than 700 islands in the Caribbean Sea, there are so many options to rent a luxury yacht and have an unforgettable tropical vacation.


From crystal clear waters to picture-perfect white-sand beaches and exotic cultures, the islands in this ocean paradise are the perfect place for your next trip. Keep reading to see the top Caribbean islands to visit and the best Caribbean islands to charter a yacht. After all, the best way to enjoy a tropical island is from the deck of a luxury yacht.


Where to start?


The best Caribbean islands for sailing are relatively close together, making it easy to island-hop and experience as many new places as possible. And of course, you want an island with extensive coral reefs for diving, crystal clear water, and secluded bays to relax on the deck and soak in the view. Without further ado, here are the best places to sail in the Caribbean.

Set Sail Among The Windward Islands

The Windward Islands include world-class yachting destinations such as St. Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Hop from island to island enjoying incredible views of the Piton Mountains in St. Lucia, to untamed rainforest and thermal springs in Dominica.


St Lucia

Maybe it's the unique blend of romantic European influences. Maybe it's all the luxury retreats with epic ocean views. Or maybe there's something in the crystal-clear water because St Lucia continues to charm more and more honeymooners every year. St Lucia is one of the best Caribbean islands for sailing if you're seeking a romantic getaway. But the banana plantations and convergence of Caribbean cultures will also compel you to sail into port to appease your tastebuds.


St Vincent and the Grenadines

Kitesurfing. Windsurfing. Parasailing. Ocean kayaking. Hobie Cat sailing. Hiking. Snorkelling. Shall we go on? St Vincent and the Grenadines spoils us with countless hiking trails through ancient volcanic lands. And that's if you still have energy after kayaking in one of the many secret anchorages around the island. But there's one thing you won't find on St Vincent: boredom.



One of the best places to sail in the Caribbean, especially if it's your first yachting experience, is Grenada. Here, you can truly discover what it is about this group of islands that moves your heart and lifts your soul. Imagine wild forests with monkeys and waterfalls. Forts and market towns with distilleries. Coral reefs and white sand beaches. The historic marinas and yacht clubs of Grenada will make anyone with an adventurous spirit fall in (or back in) love with yachting. 

Island Hop Around The Leeward Islands

Located in the Lesser Antilles, the Leeward Islands have enticed sailors for centuries. Discover welcoming local cultures, sparkling clear waters, palm-fringed beaches, and some of the most compelling diving opportunities in the world with spectacular coral reefs and exotic marine life.



If you had to spend one year on a Caribbean island, Antigua wouldn't be a bad choice. Why? Because there are over 365 stunning beaches on an island with over 153 kilometres of coastline. Discovering a new beach every day. That's paradise to us. Antigua is also one of the best places to sail in the Caribbean because of its social scene. Some of the biggest, most prestigious yachting events and regattas are held here. Throw uptempo live music into the mix and you've got our kind of party island. 



We're cheating. Guadeloupe isn't just one island, it's two. Okay, it's technically 12. Hopefully, you can forgive us when you discover just how phenomenal Guadeloupe is to sail into and around. Both Base-Terre and Grande-Terre are perfect options to relax in nature. Whether you prefer seclusion in a volcanic hideaway or strolling along rugged coastlines, Guadeloupe is a great island to visit on your Caribbean yacht charter.

Soak In The Natural Beauty

British Virgin Islands

It's easy to see why the British Virgin Islands are one of the best Caribbean islands to charter a yacht. Discover secluded bays, private beaches, and unspoiled national parks. You can find some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world at the extensive coral reefs around the islands.



The Bahamas are conveniently located off the coast of Florida, making travel to your charter yacht a breeze. You really can have it all in the Bahamas. You'll enjoy some of the clearest, warmest water, full of sea turtles, exotic fish, and the occasional sea pig (yes, actual pigs you can swim alongside). Let your yacht take you to remote surfing beaches or rich coral reefs for excellent diving.

Explore Off The Beaten Path


Cuba is mysterious. It has so much to offer, is so rich in culture and history, and is only a short 30-minute flight from Florida. Cuba is a relatively new yachting destination, only opened to charters in recent years. With endless miles of pristine coastline, colourful and unique cities, lush rainforests, and picture-perfect beaches, Cuba should be high on your list.



Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation teeming with life, both in town and at sea. The incredibly vibrant Trinidad Carnival is a colourful and wild celebration that puts other world-renown festivals to shame. 



The Caribbean islands are filled with beautiful and diverse islands and seas to explore by yacht. Find out more about chartering a yacht or contact the Y.CO charter team below for your adventure of a lifetime.