Y.CO Co-founders Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions

#greenwings Challenge

As part of a long-term commitment to sustainability, Y.CO is pleased to announce that co-founders Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett have both offset the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of their 2019 air travel, taking part in the #greenwingschallenge.

The Green Wings Challenge, which is being held in partnership with Gym Marine and Yacht Carbon Offset, aims to offset 7,688,000 km -  enough to fly to the moon and back 10 times  – by encouraging frequent travelers from the yachting industry to offset their carbon by paying towards certified Carbon reduction projects.

Together, both Gary and Charlie took a total of 249 flights between them in 2019, travelling a total of 327,191 km: over 8 times the circumference of the earth. With the help of Yacht Carbon Offset, they calculated that they needed to offset 122.8 tonnes of CO2e, which was done by investing in certified projects that will produce an equivalent reduction in atmospheric greenhouse gases.

A COMMITMENT To Environmental Sustainability

Gary Wright, Co-Founder and Chairman of Y.CO comments:


“2020 has of course come with its challenges, but it also came with many positives, one of these being the temporary slowdown of the world’s pace earlier this year, giving us the opportunity to pause and reflect on what is important. I’m sure we are not the only ones who, after these months of having to work and hold meetings remotely, have realized just how fast-paced life has become. Just a matter of months ago Charlie and I were flying across the world just for one meeting. Seeing first-hand the environmental recovery that resulted from the travel restrictions made it clearer than ever how important it is to strive for sustainability in every part of our business, and our decision to offset the emissions of our 2019 air travel is just one small part of this.” 


Charlie Birkett, Co-Founder and CEO of Y.CO adds:


“As an industry which relies so much on the ocean and the natural beauty of the world, yachting really does have a responsibility towards preserving the environment. At Y.CO we are passionate about new design innovations that are improving emissions performance and fuel efficiency, but we realise that there is still a lot of work to be done to make yachting sustainable in the long term. Until then, we are so happy that the option exists to offset our emissions so easily. As well as offsetting our own air travel, we are also proud to be able to offer the option of Carbon offset to Clients who wish to make their yachting operations more sustainable.” 


Y.CO has worked with Yacht Carbon Offset to offset the Greenhouse Gas emissions of a number of Yacht Charters this year and continues to offer the option to Clients in a bid to encourage more environmental responsibility. For more information on how you can make your Yacht Charter more sustainable, contact the Y.CO Charter Team.